Saturday, 13 December 2014


Products available to order by email

We have a range of products to order....Time is running out, so be quick.

Viewing products on-line and you havent met us on our pub rounds....
Orders will ONLY be accepted via email:
Subject field - CHRISTMAS ORDER
Please clearly state which pub you will be collecting from.
If it is difficult to get to a pub on our rounds, please inquire further for the possibility of other options and include alternative contact details.

Specialty products must be ordered by end of Monday 15th December 2014
All other products must be ordered by end of Tuesday 16th December 2014


Specialty product
1 pair

Order by 

Order by 9pm Monday 15th

Specialty product
Kippers (these pictured are pre-smoke)
1 pair

Order by 

Order by 9pm Monday 15th

Specialty product
Sliced Salmon
£4.20 per 100g

Order by 

Order by 9pm Monday 15th

Specialty product
Salmon Side (not sliced)
(pictured is 1.2 Kg whole side)
1 Kg
1/2 side - 500 g
1/4 side - 250 g
£37 per Kg
(weights are approximate) 

Order by 9pm Monday 15th

Specialty product
(Subject to availability)
Herring Roe
Hard row (left)
Soft roe (right)
100g pot

Order by 9pm Monday 15th

1 pint

Order by Tuesday 16th

1/2 pint (approx 200g)
1 pint (approx 400g)
£4 per 1/2 pint

Order by Tuesday 16th

Potted Prawns
£3.50 each

Order by Tuesday 16th

Garlic Bulb
1 bulb

'Perfect left whole inside your turkey'

We have plenty so add to order or 
just ask to bag on collection

Roasted garlic butter

'a great accompaniment to 
bread & potatoes'

Order by Tuesday 16th

Cheese board
Selection of 4 cheeses 
Extra Mature 'Somerset' Cheddar,
Goats Cheese 'Chevre Bouche',
Parmesan Reggiano
+  1 pack smokey oaties
1/2 Kg (approx)

Order by Tuesday 16th

1 egg

'Christmas breakfast to make your guests
eggstatic' (sorry but couldn't resist)

Order by Tuesday 16th

Smokey Oaties (oatcakes)
12 pieces

Order by Tuesday 16th

Details below where you can collect your order.
Don't forget to include location in your email.

If we don't see you and get your tummy rumbling, we hope you enjoy the 
festive season and look forward to seeing you in the New Year. After all our hard work, we will have more opportunity for you to purchase our smokey 
goodies from a wider variety of outlets. 

2015 will be the year for you and we hope for US too!

Ho Ho Ho

Sunday, 2 November 2014


Swam in they 'ave ...  ... in from the sea

Mouths open wide
Smoked cod 
sized perfectly for your plate.

Plenty of it, but you'll need to come find us in the pub tomorrow 
to get your fins and fingers on these delights.

Smoked fillets prepared as whole sides, while some are sliced and left on their skin.  Sides upwards to around 300g and of course, you can always put in your request for larger sides ready for your Christmas larder. 

The Dungeness Smokery.....

Unfortunately for those choosing to see us in The Red Lion, we will actually be in The Star In The Marsh instead...Excuse the confusion!

Sunday, 5 October 2014


Smoked fayre is more than fayre

Back on the rounds today.

Plenty of smokey fayre. We have even got kippering and bloating herrings for your delight. 

Smoked whiting and potted prawns and cheeses.

Last stop......For our favorite Ale!

 Come and find us before stocks run out!!

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Next retailing Pub Round

A summer holiday 

Seeing as the rest of the world is having a holiday, we at The Dungeness Smokery thought we would take the opportunity to take ourselves a break too.

See you in September

Post a comment with your favorite products and we will endevour to produce them 
ready for the 14th September.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Scrummy Sandwich in the sun

Salmon and sunshine

Yes I did

I saved the last pouch for myself

No scrimping please!

That was lunch easily sorted

Delicious it was too!

2 slices from a pouch of 4 (around 50g used) layered on top of wafer-thin slices of cucumber, topped with cream cheese in a large cheese baked soft roll.

Enough left for another tomorrow 
Lets hope the sun shines again too

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Sunny Sunday Sun with the Smokery

When we will see you again

Well we will see you on our Marsh pub round tomorrow but we will be taking a break the following week the 17th. We will return again on Sunday the 24th of August and then the first sunday in September

This weeks showcase product is 'Potted Smoked Prawns'.

These are truly delicious. Plump prawns with their sweet succulent smokey flavour, sat in clarified 'Maryland', Somerset butter with a gentle herb & smoked garlic infusion.

We are lucky to have any left for the pub round tomorrow as our chief tasters are going wild for them

Also we have some more Smoked Salmon. It went down a storm last weekend.  Looking forward to your verdicts when we see you. Nothing like a little constructive criticism....If there is any!!

Sunday, 3 August 2014


ShMoked Salmon ¡

From the coastal shores of Scotland 
The slippery shiney salmon 
Most seductive after smoking
In cannelloni or a tart,  
With you fingers
With your heart.

After the smoking process the slippery salmon is ready for slicing.

A salmon or two have been spotted in the channel, 
the water has warmed so they can
slip through the warm stream round to the south.

The feather edge effect

From fish to dish in 200 steps
and one more to heaven 

Come dine with me for Sunday tea cucumber sandwiches, salmon & cream cheese

We will be in the booza Sundays from 2.30 pm travelling the marsh on our rounds.
Sweet smokey treats. The earlier you come the more to enjoy.

Starting at the wonderful Warren, New Romney. 
They do home cooked roasts always with yorkies.

All good ale pubs, The new inn for their jazz 
afternoon on the high St in New Romney.

To the bell in Ivychurch, , 1st class booza.  All good here.  
The beer,  the bar birds, the boss and the other boss

If we are very lucky to have not sold out
we will catch the rest you in the George Hotel,  Lydd.